Trad. vs. New

A traditionally constructed building is typically considered to have been built pre WW…

When considering improvements for energy conservation, English Heritage (2008) states, that “it is important to be aware that many traditional buildings perform very differently from modern buildings.”

According to English Heritage, thought must be given to the following:

  • The type of construction, to avoid causing damage;
  • The importance of moisture movement;
  • Minimising disturbance of the existing fabric;
  • The reversibility of any changes without causing damage; and
  • Whether the building is of such quality that it should not be altered.

Trad v New.JPG

The fabric of a traditional building needs to breathe in order to absorb and release moisture, for example, from rising damp, driving rain and interstitial condensation. Moisture is allowed to move through traditional permeable materials until it evaporates internally or externally (above). Many modern impermeable building products obstruct this process. Instead of keeping moisture out, they often trap it inside, accelerating the decay process, leading to diminishing thermal and structural integrity of the fabric (English Heritage, 2008).

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