M.Sc Master Thesis

International Master of Science in Construction and Real Estate Management

Joint Study Programme of HTW Berlin and Helsinki Metropolia     

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Thesis title:

Utilisation of Building Information Modeling in the Context of Historical Conservation

Thesis workflow


Ultimately I intend my thesis to inform this project directly as a case study

I wish to expand on my B.Sc thesis in ‘Investigating Energy Conservation in the Retrofit of a Protected Structure’

I intend to apply automation to these processes through my professional expertise in 3D modeling and analytics.

Areas of focus for the thesis will be

  • The application of BIM to conservation projects, studying the emerging field of HBIM
  • Terrestrial Laser Scanning – processing to BIM data
  • Thermodynamic digital simulation of the building model
  • Analysing the potential for thermal solar gain and other climatic factors
  • Risk analysis for moisture and mould in the proposed retrofit solutions
  • Developing a framework for automating these processes for future potential in conservation projects


Possible Thesis question / topic / title…

The application of Building Information Modeling for conservation architecture

Thermodynamic simulation in traditionally constructed rural buildings


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