The Final Sweep


Yesterday, accompanied by the talented Mr Eoin Kavanagh, we made the final crack at preparing the cottage and adjoining buildings for tomorrows 3D laser scan.

Eoin did a great job of final photographic documentation of the buildings and the surrounding area. The cottage, when in use, was known locally as Primrose Cottage for the abundance of the flora in the haggard (traditional word for the farmyard).

One of the major accomplishments was finally tearing the last of the ivy off the building. We can now see fully the three chimneys in all their glory. I was delighted to find that the chimney stacks were very intact and not crumbling, as I had expected. Now looking forward to an educational and successful scan tomorrow (weather permitting!).

400m as the crow flies from the cottage, you have a clear view of the top of Proleek Dolmen, one of the finest examples of a megalithic portal tomb dating back around 5000 years, erected by neolithic farming communities as the final burying place for their dead. This week I was reminded of life, death and longevity of masonry structures in Ireland and how we in the modern construction industry should take their example and strive for long lasting building.


One response to “The Final Sweep”

  1. Artem Ustinov says :

    Hi Conor, Yesterday in HTW university I came across with guys from FARO (it’s a 3D measuring, etc. company and they are looking for students who’re interested in that.
    You can check it out if curious.
    Good luck with measuring today!


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